New Business Plan published

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The new business plan for the NIA covering 2015-2020 has been published and can be downloaded here;  Nene Valley NIA 2015-20 Business Plan

This document will set out the direction of travel for the Nene Valley NIA between 2015 and 2020. The aim of the Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area has from the start been to achieve a step-change in the mechanisms for delivering nature conservation to create a resilient ecological network in the Nene Valley.

NIA delivery will continue to focus on improving nature through the five objectives previously established.

  • Growth and Development will support, value and benefit the natural environment resultingin net gain in biodiversity by 2020
  • Enhance public awareness, access and benefits of the NIA in a sustainable and sympathetic way, while ensuring that the designated sites at the core remain in favourable condition.
  • Improve ecological status of the river and enhance ecosystem service provision.
  • Strengthen the ecological network through effective engagement with farmers and landowners.
  • Investigate the potential to market the ecosystem services provided by the Nene Valley.

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